Should it be this hard?

No, not a line from a bad porn movie, but a question about getting back to good mental health.

I have only had 2 sessions of counselling but at the end of the second I was set some homework. I haven’t done homework for over 12 years. That was before the Easter weekend. Until today I still hadn’t started it. I have tried every type of avoidance that I knew was possible and some that I didn’t. All day today I’ve been getting myself more and more worked up about not having done it. It has almost got to the point that I’m more worried about going to counselling tomorrow that I was for my first session.

I’m not sure that getting myself in this state is very helpful. I have discovered that my concentration span is still very poor. I feel exhausted quite quickly and tired all the time. I worry that I’m trying to do too much and I worry that I’m not doing enough.

So my question stands. Should it be this hard?

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