One year on

So one year on from the debacle that was the closure of the control room here. Has anything changed or got better? That would be a firm no. Staff continue to either take full advantage of the situation for themselves or get screwed over. Can you guess which camp I fall into?

The old saying – some days you’re the bird, some days your the statue – that just about sums up life here in this new made up department.

From speaking to people outside of this place they either have no idea of the situation because they never need to call the Police or they have tried to call and won’t bother again. In the second scenario I have heard the following:

“I had no idea that I wasn’t speaking to someone local until they obviously hadn’t a clue where I was talking about.”

Also I have been told that a lone female shop worker was being harassed and threatened by a drunk male, she phoned 101 and reported it. No officers attended and she never received any call back at any point from Police Scotland, the situation only resolved when a member of the public stepped in to help her.

Many calls that the public make never even get as far as being passed to local officers. This has led to a lot of officers up here, in the actual north, thinking that there are no calls being made and also making us, the former control room staff, look like total idiots. We had to work with the resources we had, which were way less than any of them knew. If we had the same resources as are being thrown at the Dundee and other control rooms it would have been a much easier job all round.

As it is, the long suffering loyal staff are being treated to a pay decrease and seeing other newer, sometimes less skilled, staff coming in, being paid more and also being given substantial pay outs on top of that as part of the proposed “pay harmonisation” process. This process has been going on since Police Scotland was created and we have consistently been amongst the lowest paid with the largest portfolio. This has never been recognised or acknowledged in any way by the organisation. But hey! None of that matters. Crime is at an all time low here in Scotland and if we aren’t happy we can always leave. Oh yes I forgot I can’t because somehow I still need to pay my bills and live. If I was in any sort of position to walk away I would.

So in conclusion:

Yes I’m still bitter.

No, nothing positive has come out of the last year for staff here.


No, I don’t expect it ever will.

We will continue to be treated like dumb-ass second class citizens by those in power, simply because of our life choice of wanting to live somewhere out of the central belt.

I could go on, but to be honest, I’m just too exhausted and ground down with the unrelenting monotony.

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